'Star Trek' Trailer And Poster Dive Deep 'Into Darkness'

Star Trek Into Darkness

The latest teaser trailer for "Star Trek Into Darkness" should strike you as familiar since there are many, many references from popular culture, including "Tron" and what many people are calling "Star Wars" influences. (Side note: Wouldn't it be cool if J.J. Abrams directed a "Star Wars" movie? It could never happen though.)

Anyway, the trailer is way more action-heavy than what we've seen in the last few months and gives a lot more story than any other preview before it. Kirk, still acting recklessly, wants revenge on whomever is committing terrorists acts, and then he straps on a lightcycle helmet and jumps out of a spaceship.

Check out the latest trailer for "Star Trek Into Darkness," plus a sweet fan-made poster, after the jump!

Star Trek Into Darkness

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens on May 17 in IMAX 3-D and Real 3-D.

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