Nick Offerman Brings His Many Talents To Rated MTV: Movie Awards Edition

Nick Offerman is known for so much. His iconic mustache, his flawless physique, and that deep, velvety voice of his have carved out their own place in the halls of pop culture icons, but it wasn't until he stopped by MTV News for a new Movie Awards edition of Rated MTV.

Among the many topics Offerman and MTV News' Josh Horowitz discuss, in what is the first in a series of interviews leading up to the biggest night in entertainment, the 2013 MTV Movie Awards starring Rebel Wilson, ranges from everything including the "Parks and Rec" actors celebrity look-alikes (Zach Galifianakis) to his thoughts on this year's Comedic Genius, Will Ferrell.

Check out all six segments of this edition of Rated MTV: Movie Awards Edition with Nick Offerman above!