That's A Wrap: The Week In Review For March 8, 2013

Mila kunis

By Amelia Mularz

March usually comes in like a lion or a lamb. This year it blew in shrieking like a Bieber-crazed junior high girl. Movie news seemed to be steeped in love this past week. But it wasn't the kind of romance that's written about in 16th century literature; it was more the kind that's etched into Trapper Keepers with Wite-Out during study hall.

Yep, between a major Mila Kunis crush and a kiss-and-tell involving Oprah, the last seven days were all about puppy love. Here's how it went down:

» The week kicked off with a Mila Kunis interview that veered from her film "Oz The Great and Powerful" (opening today) to talk of "Baywatch," yager bombs and dropping trow at weddings. During a press junket for the film, the actress helped quell the nerves of a jittery British journalist by making small talk. Eventually the endearing reporter (who had a remarkable similarity to Hugh Grant in "Notting Hill") found the courage to ask Kunis out not once, not twice, but three times! No word on any future date plans, but in the meantime the interview has gone viral and America has simultaneously fallen in love with Kunis and the Brit.


» On to a less gentlemanly suitor, Terrence Howard, who shot some love scenes with Oprah for the upcoming film "The Butler," has been bragging about his on-screen sexy time with O. He even mentioned her "tig ol' bitties" in a recent interview. Now, that may fly with some of the real housewives of reality TV, but nobody speaks of tig ol' bitties and the queen of all media in the same breath. Gayle is totally gonna throw down.

» Speaking of on-screen romance, the nominees for the MTV Movie Awards were announced this week and KStew and RPatz apparently aren't that good at kissing anymore. After a four-year reign as the best smoochers in town, the "Twilight" stars didn't even score a nom in the Best Kiss category. So what spit-swapping duo might take the honor this year? Terrence and Oprah? Unfortunately they're not on the list either, but we'd settle for Emma Watson and Logan Lerman from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

Catching Fire

» In heartthrob news, "Hunger Games" fans have been going gaga for the "Catching Fire" portraits released this week, especially the ones featuring Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and Sam Claflin (see it here). The less predictable tweens will use their Lisa Frank stickers to hang the portrait of Stanley Tucci (aka Caesar Flickerman) on their bedroom walls.

And then there was Glee...

» In a special movie-inspired episode last night, the gang paid tribute to some of the most memorable cinematic tunes with songs from "Moulin Rouge," "Footloose," and "Ghost." There was laughter, there was heartbreak...there was singing “Unchained Melody” over a pottery wheel. You know, just the typical high school experience.

And that's a wrap!