Mila Kunis Thinks Wickedness Is The Easy Way Out In 'Oz'

Just like any young woman, Mila Kunis' character in "Oz the Great and Powerful" knows how it feels to have your heart broken. But what makes Theodora not so average is how she deals with the pain.

It's not really a spoiler any more to reveal that Theodora becomes the Wicked Witch of the West, and it's that transformation that helped Kunis get into the character. "I think that this is definitely the first time I've had a character that goes through such a strong arc, emotionally and physically," she said.

While Theodora's very much an Oz-based character, her choices reflect what often happens in real life and a path Kunis disagrees with. "She took the easy way out and bit into an apple," Kunis said. "Instead of dealing with her emotions, like an adult, that's exactly how she would deal with it."

"It's escapism. She didn't want to deal with it, so she escaped and took the easy way out and took a bite of an apple that numbed her pain," she said. "So I'm assuming this would be the type of character that would come to real life and do the same."