This Exclusive 'Upside Down' Clip Is Also A Fun Lesson In Physics!

"Upside Down" is a new romantic adventure film with an unusual conceit. Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst play star-crossed lovers who live in two separate worlds, each with their own gravitational pulls in opposite directions. The complication makes for some romantic struggles and more than a few stunning action sequences.

An exclusive clip from the film, which opens in theaters on March 15, comes a little later in the film, as Sturgess' and Dunst's characters attempt to flee the guards from the latter's world, since crossover between the two planes is strictly forbidden.

What makes the clip particularly interesting is a detail of the world. These are not two gravitational fields where the inhabitants of one can cross over into the other. No matter which world you're on, you get pulled in the direction of your home, so when the two gravitationally-challenged love birds try to flee, they have to contend with those opposing forces.

"Upside Down" opens on March 15.