'House Of Cards': Corey Stoll Talks Making 'Hybrid' Netflix Series

If you know what "House of Cards" is, you've probably checked out the new Netflix original series from David Fincher. And according to one of the stars Corey Stoll, if you've check out "House of Cards," statistically, you probably finished all 13 episodes, which hit the streaming service at once.

"I think the data actually backs that up. If you watch it, you are destined to watch the whole thing," Stoll told MTV News' Josh Horowitz when he stopped by our Times Square studio.

In addition to talking about things like statistically averages, Stoll shared some thoughts on his experiencing making the rather unorthodox television series. "It feels like a bit of a hybrid," he said. "Sometimes it almost felt like we were doing a studio film in the 70s with a big director who could control everything in the story."

Stoll, who plays the drugged-out political Peter Russo, compared the process of making "House of Cards" to elements of filmmaking and traditional television production. You got the creative autonomy of one, with the expanded storytelling possibilities of the other.

"A lot of times when you're doing TV, everything is sort of by committee, and everything has to go up the chain of command if you want to change this prop or change this line," Stoll said. "There was an artistic freedom in this that was a lot closer to film, but you have that continuity, and you can tell these stories over a long time, which is a great thing about TV."