That's A Wrap: The Week In Review For March 1, 2013


By Amelia Mularz

It's the end of another week—one dominated by the Oscars, Anne Hathaway fallout, Jen Aniston wedding plans, and yes, boobs. Here's what went down in the last 168 hours:

» Seth MacFarlane has been feeling the wrath of at least two famous feminists for his "Boob Song" during the Oscars. Lena Dunham was not a fan, nor was Jane Fonda who asked, "Why not list all the penises we've seen?" Oh Jane, if only Michael Fassbender's "Shame" had been a contender this year, then surely we'd all be singing "The Weiner Song."

» While we're still not exactly sure what we did or didn't see through Anne Hathaway's dress, she issued a formal apology on Wednesday for her choice of garb. That's the difference between the Oscars and the Grammys. Anne wears Prada instead of Valentino and issues a heartfelt explanation. Nicki Minaj shows up as a "possessed" nun in a red cape and is like, "What?"

Then there's the matter of Anne's acceptance speech...

» People just weren't having the quivery voice, the theater girl excitement, or the fact that she thanked 19th century author Victor Hugo in her acceptance speech. But between this and some major Taylor Swift fallout earlier this year, it seems like 2013 is turning out to be a real rough year for America's sweethearts. Even Tina Fey poked fun at T-Swizzle at the Golden Globes, which is kind of like sweetheart-on-sweetheart bashing.

Jennifer Lawrence

» Speaking of boobs...the sport's bra that Jennifer Lawrence wore in "Silver Linings Playbook" is up for auction. The asking price? Over $1,400. We're not sure we'd shell out that much for a piece of Gap clothing, but we'd pay handsomely to finally know what "crabby snacks" and "homemades" are.


» In non-Oscars news, reported details of Jennifer Aniston's upcoming wedding have been released. Pre-nuptial plans include a marriage boot camp that consists of a three-day therapy session. Now, let's say this marathon shrink appointment takes place at a hippie commune and Paul Rudd is there, or maybe Jen is just pretending to date Justin Theroux and through a series of lighthearted shenanigans they've ended up at marriage boot camp only to truly fall in love. And Adam Sandler is there. And maybe a dog... named Marley. Yes, these plans are starting to sound more and more plausible.


» Meanwhile, the stars of "Oz the Great and Powerful" have been earning their frequent flyer miles. The cast headed to Moscow and London this week for European premieres (the movie opens on March 8th). After his own Oscar-hosting debacle, it made sense that James Franco would situate himself over 6,000 miles away from the awards show. Good call, Mr. Franco.

And that's a wrap!