'Wreck-It Ralph 2' Could Introduce Multiple Ralphs

Wreck-It Ralph

Considering the success "Wreck-It Ralph" had in theaters, it's no wonder that director Rich Moore is cooking up a sequel to the movie. He opened up about his plans for a "Wreck-It Ralph 2" when asked during a recent interview if there were other Fix It Felix, Jr. arcade games with Ralph's personality out in the film's world.

"That is so funny that you ask that because I was just talking to John C. Reilly [the voice of Ralph] and we were talking about exactly that," Moore told Hypable. As it turns out, that's one route Moore is thinking of going with his upcoming sequel.

"Are there other Ralphs? What would happen if another Fix It Felix, Jr. game was plugged in? Are there other Ralphs that are more contemporary? Is there another version of the game that was made for mobile? Are there those kind of Super Smash Brothers types games where all the characters are gathered in a fighting game?" he posited. "What would that be like for Ralph to come face to face with those different iterations of himself? And it’s created some really cool conversations, so I think that that is so funny you bring up because it’s something we’re playing around with right now."

When Hypable asked for a confirmation that Moore was planning on introducing other Ralphs in "Wreck-It Ralph 2," the director wouldn't go that far.

"I’m at the point right now where it’s kind of hard to answer that question because we’re thinking about it right now and it’s a very very interesting story," Moore said. "It’s a complex issue that would make for a very interesting storyline. I really appreciate you bringing it up, because it means we’re not the only ones thinking about it."

"Wreck-It Ralph 2" has not yet been greenlit by Disney, and doesn't have a prospective release date. Moore did confirm to Moviehole that the sequel will involve Mario.

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