'Fast & Furious 6' Featurette Previews Michelle Rodriguez Origin Story

Fast & Furious 6

Instead of progressing the "Fast and Furious" storyline in "Fast & Furious 6," star Vin Diesel and director Justin Lin are actually taking the movie a step backwards. As Diesel explained in a new featurette for the movie, this new installment of the fan-favorite series will serve to introduce audiences to the real version of Michelle Rodriguez' character Letty.

"In some ways, this film is the origin story of Letty," Diesel explained. Rodriguez added, "It will be interesting to see how you take up a character that — you have to watch it, I can't really explain much without giving it away."

As it turns out, Rodriguez was as in the dark about her character's reappearance at the end of "Fast Five" as the rest of the world. But Diesel said the plan all along was to make sure Letty could have a triumphant return.

"Do you know Vin didn't tell me that, that they added that thing at the ending of 'Fast Five'? He just wanted to surprise me about it. I didn't find out until I went actually into the theater and saw it myself," Rodriguez remembered. She added of where her character's at when the movie begins, "She is on the wrong side of the tracks. She got mixed up with a crew of people in Europe that are doing heists and they're pretty hardcore."

"Fast & Furious 6" is due out on May 24.

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