'Arrested Development' Updates: Only One Netflix Season, Ben Stiller Will Cameo


Magic is bound to happen when Ben Stiller's Tony Wonder makes a guest appearance on "Arrested Development" during the new season of the resurrected sitcom.

The news comes from EW.com, who report that the Wonder-ful Stiller will only appear (and disappear) in one episode of the show, which premieres on Netflix in May. Additional details on how his latest tricks will affect the Bluth family's resident magic man, GOB, are still unknown.

Stiller, who previously appeared on the series, joins already announced season 4 guest stars, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Conan O'Brien, Isla Fisher, and John Slattery, who are all set to stop by the model home for the highly-anticipated, Netflix-only run of the cult-loved sitcom.

In other "Arrested Development" news, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings shared that the revived series is likely only to run for one season. Complex reports that Hastings opened up about the show at a tech conference in San Francisco, sharing, "It's a fantastic one-off. Think of it as a non-repeatable amazing. [Original programming] may be the center of PR for a while and that's OK, but I don't want you guys to think that suddenly we're the original content company."

While fans might only get this last chance to spend time with TV's wackiest family, it's bound to be as bananas (stand) as ever. Last August, the show's producer and narrator Ron Howard gave MTV News some details about reuniting for what seems to be the last time.

"[Show creator] Mitch [Hurwitz] isn't trying to recreate something," Howard said. "It's been away for a while, and part of the fun that Mitch has been mining and exploiting is, what's new to discover about these people? What's delightfully unchanged? He and the writing staff and the actors have a fantastic sense of that. They're pretty brazen, pretty bold and fearless. That's what made the show into something that fans really kept alive."

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