Oscars 2013: The Big Night In GIFs

Did you miss out on the 2013 Oscars? Couldn’t stay up until the wee hours of the morning to watch Ben Affleck’s heartfelt acceptance speech for “Argo,” to see Jennifer Lawrence fall upwards towards victory, to witness Quvenzhan√© Wallis raise the roof? Well, no need for you to break out the ol’ DVR and watch the whole thing start to finish — we have you covered with our rundown of the big night … in GIFs!

Read on to relive the 85th annual Academy Awards in GIFs!

The broadcast began with a vision of the future: Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise traveling back in time to prevent Seth MacFarlane from ruining the Oscars.

The only way to fix his future Oscar mistakes? Implement more song-and-dance routines, like so:

The plan obviously worked, because it motivated standing applause from famous frown-face Tommy Lee Jones. (Perhaps he just hates the Golden Globes?)

It didn’t hurt MacFarlane’s cause that the roster of presenters consisted of all-stars like Django and Broomhilda von Shaft:

Past and present super-spies Sydney Bristow from “Alias” and Maya from “Zero Dark Thirty”:

And Harry Potter and a funky-fresh Bella Swan:

MacFarlane also wasn’t the only one who brought the house down with song and dance, as Adele is more than happy to tell you:

And in the spirit of “Les Miserables,” the whole cast got in on the musical action, starting with Jean Valjean himself:

Then turning to adopted daughter Cosette and her star-crossed lover, the rebel Marius:

Marius was soon joined by his fearless leader, Enjolras:

And then Javert came and ruined the whole thing, like he does:

But Fantine stepped up to dream a dream and save the day:

And so she walked away with one of these:

Hathaway wasn’t the only big winner of the evening. Adele picked up her first-ever Oscar for “Skyfall”:

Quentin Tarantino laughed like a maniac as he picked up a Best Original Screenplay award, his first Oscar since “Pulp Fiction”:

Jennifer Lawrence tripped her way up the stage towards Oscar glory, helped along by her old pal Wolverine:

Daniel Day-Lewis won as expected, but made several unexpected faces during his acceptance speech, like this:

As the night drew to a close, the Oscars brought out the big guns — aka First Lady Michelle Obama, who presented the Best Picture award…

…to Ben Affleck and “Argo”!

Overall, a smooth night, punctuated by MacFarlane and Kristin Chenowith calling out all of the losers:

And made all the more worthwhile by Quvenzhané Wallis showing off her guns:

Stick with us for everything about the 2013 Oscars including our Oscar winners list and full fashion coverage!

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