I Find My Lack Of This Darth Vader Statuette Disturbing

Bear with us for a second, guys. We just hallucinated that there was an impossibly cool statue of Darth Vader, holding his own helmet in introspection.

Darth Vader

Oh God, it's real!

The statuette comes from the always impressive Sideshow Collectibles (via io9), and it's the latest in their "Star Wars Mythos" series of badass figures. On top of being simply a cool look at one of the most iconic characters of all time, the Vader "Mythos" statues allows you to remove the helmet and gaze upon the beauty of Sebastian Shaw.

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Read Sideshow's explanation below:

"For our Star Wars Mythos version of Darth Vader we chose a moment in time between the trilogies, where he has returned to his symbolic birthplace on Mustafar for a moment of deep reflection on his choices. He is caught in a pose reminiscent of Shakespearean introspect, Hamlet-esque with an 'alas poor Yorick' view of his helmet. Somewhere deep inside the man who was once Anakin Skywalker a deep torment foments as he contemplates the partial machine he has become. Whether his thoughts waver toward this new reality being a tragedy or a triumph is a matter left up to the viewers’ imagination."