Oscars 2013: Behind The Scenes Of Hollywood's Biggest Night

The biggest night in Hollywood is nearly upon us, and it seems like the entire town is busy preparing to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Six hundred celebrities and filmmakers can't just feed themselves, you know! The Oscars are a massive production involving everything from construction to sculpting and fine dining, so a look behind the scenes just days before the big awards is a sneak peek at an incredibly intricate process.

So as you put the finishing touches on your plans for Oscar night, take a look at the party behind your party and see what goes into making the Academy Awards a reality.

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The Carpet

What are the Academy Awards without the red carpet? We mean the actual carpet, the kind you walk on. Mirror has the rundown on Hollywood's most famous throw rug, and for this year, 500 feet of carpet will be further clogging the roadways of Los Angeles. Seven and a half feet tall Oscar statuettes, each spray-painted individually, by hand (as you can see below) will line either side.

The Statues

Considering how often you hear "Wow, this is heavy" from a first time winner accepting his or her Academy Award, you'd expect the Oscar statuettes have some heft to them, but according to Oscars.org, they only weigh 8.5 pounds, leading us to wonder if Hollywood should work out more. Each stands 13.5 inches tall (much smaller than the decorative ones above), and exactly 2,809 have been handed out in all. One detail that the general, Oscars-less public don't see is what lies at the base of the golden knight's feet. He stands upon a reel of film, which features five spokes, symbolizing the different branches of the Academy.

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The Food

For the 19th time, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck will be serving up the food at the Governors Ball, immediately after the ceremony, but he won't be cooking alone. Puck will have a kitchen staff of 350 assisting in the dinner service, which will feed 1,600 hungry film insiders. The Los Angeles Times recently spent part of a day with Puck in his catering kitchen and discovered the daunting numbers behind the meal, which include:

» 2,750 bacon-wrapped dates,

» 7,500 shrimp

» 1,300 farmed oysters

» 40 separate dishes comprising the service

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