Happy Birthday, Alan Rickman! An Appreciation Of Awesome


On February 21, 67 years ago, a man was born. This man was actor, an actor who could find the perfect way to deliver a line, even if it took twice the normal amount of time to recite it. An actor with a voice that would inspire a legion of imitations and launch thousands of Tumblrs. An icon whose most popular character would take him all the way to the championship of the Harry Potter World Cup.

Yes, today is Alan Rickman's birthday, and we couldn't be happier to celebrate it and all the ways the man behind Severus Snape makes us happy.

This "Oh sh--, I'm falling, but that 'Yippee-Ki-Yay' thing was pretty sweet" Face

Die Hard

He Shot This Guy


His Artistic Side

He Teaches The Hard Lessons

Double Ballin'

Because No One Else Would Have Climbed Out Like This

His Tea Drinking

General Fabulousness

For Making "Galaxy Quest" Great

Because No One Else Accepts A Trophy Like This