‘Twilight’ Gets An Art-House Make Over In Horror Bites

Xan Cassavetes — daughter of famed moviemaking couple director John Cassavetes and actress Gena Rowlands — seems to have been inspired by the sexy and twisted vampire films from the 1970s for her new movie “Kiss of the Damned.” The cool, contemporary take on bloodsucking fiends tells the story of one vamp falling in love with a human, but the relationship is threatened when the undead woman’s wild sister shows up.

The entire vampire community also becomes endangered thanks to the troublemaker’s pathological personality. The red band trailer that popped up on Yahoo! this week reveals a very retro, erotic vibe. Look for “Kiss of the Damned” on iTunes/On Demand March 28, or see it in theaters May 3. We vote you whet your appetite in the meantime by watching this NSFW trailer.

Check out the trailer (and the rest of Horror Bites) after the jump!

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