The 50 Greatest Movies That Lost The Best Picture Oscar

Pulp Fiction


It's no secret that the Oscars are not the be-all and end-all indicator of which film from each year is the greatest. Some of the best movies ever slipped through the Academy cracks and went away without taking home the top prize, but which of those unfortunate snubs is the best?

The folks over at have compiled an exhaustive list of the greatest Best Picture losers, and what might be the funniest take away from this list is that it could simply function as a solid list of the 50 greatest movies of all time without that many glaring omissions.

So before you start worrying about whether your favorite movie from this year will get robbed on Sunday night, take a look at the list. If it ends up losing — we're talking to you, "Zero Dark Thirty" fans — rest assured that it's joining some fantastic company.

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