Batman And Bane To Climb 'Everest' In Dueling Projects

Christian Bale

By Tara Fowler

Were you disappointed by the ending of "The Dark Knight Rises"? Did the showdown between Batman and Bane fail to live up to your expectations? Well never fear because Christian Bale and Tom Hardy will face off again — only this time they'll meet on the top of the world's tallest mountain.

Deadline reports that the Caped Crusader himself is in negotiations to star in Universal's "Everest." The film centers on the real-life story of three failed May 1996 expeditions that resulted in the deaths of eight climbers after they were hit by a sudden blizzard. The Mount Everest disaster, as it is known, was documented in detail by Jon Krakauer, a journalist who was a member of one of the expeditions and who later published the bestseller "Into Thin Air." The movie will be based in part on his book, as well as other source materials and interviews with the survivors.

What's especially interesting about this project, however, is that this is not the only movie about Mount Everest in development. In fact, it's not even the only movie titled "Everest." Sony Pictures is currently working on another "Everest," this one an adaptation of Jeffrey Archer's "Paths of Glory: Everest." The book tells the story of George Mallory, the English climber who attempted to scale the mountain three separate times, only to disappear on his third try. His fate remained a mystery until his body was found 75 years later by another expedition. But most interesting of all? Hardy is attached to star in this project as Mallory.

Hmm, two Batman rivals for two "Everest" movies — What's on that mountain that's so important? We're betting the League of Shadows.

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