You Decide The Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor And Actress

Academy Awards season can be a genuinely wonderful time to celebrate the accomplishments of the films in the past year, but when you think about it, they kind of suck. A group of strangers pick the winners from a fairly limited pool of potential nominees, and then you have people, like Harvey Weinstein, getting all political with the campaigns, making things even more complicated.

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Wouldn't the Oscars be so much better if you got to choose which nominees won? The night would be a triumph of Average Joe Moviegoer instead of the Hollywood elite.

That's why MTV Movies Blog is giving you the chance to decide who rules this year's Academy Awards. All this week, we will be hosting polls for each of the major categories to find out who you would pick to take home the Oscar.

The festivities kick off with Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor. Vote in the poll after the jump!

Polls close tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET, so vote now!

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