Sam Mendes Is Reportedly Up For Directing 'Bond 24'


After making a movie that raked in over $1 billion worldwide and is widely recognized as one of the best James Bond movies, is it any surprise that Sam Mendes is considering returning as director for the upcoming "Bond 24"? Not to us, and we're glad that he's finally realizing what a smart idea it is too.

Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye has learned that Mendes is "75 per cent" on board with directing the flick, so it's not set in stone. Still, that's better than zero percent, and it seems pretty likely that he'll helm the next 007 project if he and screenwriter John Logan can develop a movie worth making. "In theory, Mendes is on board, but wants to see the finished script before he fully commits," Bamigboye writes.

Apparently Logan is still outlining the movie's plot, and his thoughts for the flick are "in the form of two treatment papers outlining a rough idea of the plot." If you're wondering why we keep saying "movie" instead of "movies," it's because the plan to make "Bonds 24" and "25" have one story arc has been scrapped. Guess Daniel Craig was right about that after all.

The only people who have reportedly seen Logan's "Bond 24" plans are Mendes, Craig, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson and "a handful of key executives" at Sony and MGM. The plan is to have the flick head into pre-production late this year or in early 2014, which works well for Mendes because he's directing Simon Russell Beale in "King Lear," a production that opens at London's National Theatre in January 2014.

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