90 Years, 9 Days: ‘The Matrix’ (1999)

If you don’t remember all the way back to the dawn of the DVD (my God…), “The Matrix” from the Wachowskis was the first disc you had to own. It justified the entire medium.

It’s only fitting that the “Best of Warner Bros” 50-film box set include “The Matrix,” since it is being sold as a way to instantly start a Blu-ray collection, and the magic of popping in the DVD is still present in the present in the HD upgrade.

Whatever your feelings might be about the rest of the trilogy, “The Matrix” is something to respect and enjoy. Could you imagine trying to get that film made today? You cannot, because it would never happen in the world of pre-sold film franchises. “The Matrix” may go down as the last great launch of an original tentpole movie series. (We’re keeping our fingers crossed for “Jupiter Ascending.”)

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