'Monsters University' Clip Introduces Roommate Troubles

Monsters University

Sometimes it's easy to forget the voice actor behind a character in an animated movie, but in the case of "Monsters University," John Goodman and Billy Crystal are an integral part of their characters James P. "Sully" Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. Goodman recently visited "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," and during his visit he gave his take on the plot of the new Pixar movie and debuted a new clip. His synopsis is much more succinct -- and hilarious -- than the official one.

"It's about Mike and Sully, my character, being in college, doing some fraternity pranks. Monsters, fraternities, they're not that far apart," Goodman explained.

As for the clip, it shows an extended version of a scene that was teased in the "Monsters University" trailer. Sully and Mike are assigned as roommates, but their first interaction comes when Sully forces Mike to help him catch his pet pig-thing. It ends up taking off with Mike's hat, but not before Sully brags that scaring comes naturally to him and he doesn't need to study for it.

These two definitely start out on the wrong foot, but at least we know for a fact that this is the start of a beautiful friendship. The "Monsters Inc." prequel is due out on June 21.

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