New International Trailer For 'Oblivion' Is Kind Of Convincing


Thus far Tom Cruise's "Oblivion" has seemed like a curious proposition. Cruise in it, so he'll probably do his yell voice thing. John Kosinski of "Tron Legacy" directed the thing, so it will probably be purrttty. But it's kind of like "WALL-E"? And Morpheus Freeman is there? You lost me.

But a new trailer, which premiered over on MSN UK, is giving us the feeling that they may have underestimated "Oblivion" from the start.

The preview focuses more on the set-up of the actual story, instead of trying to lure us in with the Mystery of It All. We get more of Morgan Freeman doing his best "Welcome to the Matrix" speech, but the backstory for Olga Kurylenko's character seems like something we could invest in when "Oblivion" hits theaters on April 19.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

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