New Olly Moss Oscars Poster References All 84 Previous Best Picture Winners

Olly Moss

We've been big fans of artist Olly Moss for years now, and his latest work, an Academy-commissioned look back at the 85 years of the Oscars, is exactly what we'd hope for from the team-up.

Tasked with representing 84 Best Picture winners in one image, Moss took an interesting approach by adapting the look of the Oscar statuette to match each year's victor. The result is equally fun to look at is it is to test yourself to see if you can figure out which movie Moss is referencing.

On his tumblr, Moss briefly wrote about the challenge of the poster. "The brief was one of the hardest I've ever had; find a way to reference every single Best Picture winner from the last 85 years."

Check out the full poster after the jump!