'Star Trek' And 'Star Wars' At ToyFair Make Us Jealous Of Children

Star Trek


It's that time of the year again, when we desperately wish we were still in that target age for all of the sweet, sweet toys of Toy Fair.

MTV Geek has been all up in Toy Fair from the word "go," and over the weekend, they found a whole bunch of cool, new stuff that we want badly despite the whole "age issue."

Check out all of our favorite movie-related picks from Toy Fair and MTV Geek.

Benedict Cumberbatch as the "Specialist" as KRE-O?

The character pictured above comes from the KRE-O "Star Trek Into Darkness" collection, but is only listed as "Specialist." That's funny, because he looks a hell of a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch.

"Star Wars: The Black Series" Continues to Kick Ass

Star Wars

Star Wars

It all started with a highly detailed Luke Skywalker, but Hasbro's line-up of deluxe figures continues to impress, with new additions including Darth Maul and this Sand Trooper.

Real-life Dwayne Johnson Is Actually Bigger


As awesome as this Roadblock is, we couldn't help but notice that its muscles don't live up to the The Rock's real biceps. For the first time ever, an action figure has smaller muscles.