90 Years, 9 Days: 'Bullitt' (1968)


Writing about a movie will always fall short of the experience of sitting down and watching set film in the viewing mode of your choice. I could describe a single scene as elegantly and thoroughly as possible, and I would still be nowhere close to replicating the thrill and the craft of a well-made movie.

That's the problem when trying to write about "Bullitt," Steve McQueen, and Peter Yate's direction.

There's enough mood and style in the opening credits of the 1968 story of a San Francisco cop who's tough as nails and can drive like nobody's business to justify an immediate viewing of "Bullitt," but if you happen to pick up "The Best of Warner Bros" box set and instantly collect the 50 films of the collection, you can do just that.

If you haven't seen "Bullitt" or don't have the box set within reach, I'll do a favor and share with you the only two samples you should need to prove this is a movie worth watching.

I rest my case.

Over the course of nine days, MTV Movies Blog will be traveling through cinematic time and the nine decades of movies featured in the "Best of Warner Bros 50 Film Collection." Each day, we'll review one film from one decade of the box set and taking a look back at the history of the studio.