Fall Out Boy Endorse J.J. Abrams For 'Star Wars'

Lightsabers, Force-throws and Wookiees are no longer things of the past. "Star Wars" is returning to theaters as soon as 2015, and in a big way, with a brand-new trilogy beginning with J.J. Abrams' "Episode VII," and the promise of spinoff films to come.

But "Star Wars" isn't the only thing that's back in pop culture. Punk band Fall Out Boy is staging a comeback, too, ending their four year hiatus with the announcement of a brand-new album. Though we wouldn't bet on seeing Pete Wentz and company replacing Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes at the Mos Eisley Cantina any time soon, you can be sure that at least one member of Fall Out Boy will be first in line when the new "Star Wars" movies hit.

"I'm pro-Abrams doing 'Star Wars,'" said the band's Joe Trohman when MTV News asked for his thoughts on the upcoming "Star Wars" sequels. "I think it's pretty cool that the same guy who's doing 'Star Trek' is doing 'Star Wars.' I think that's insane. It's very hard to wrap your head around, but I think if anyone can do it, he's going to try his best."

Drummer Andy Hurley added of Abrams, "He made a 'Star Trek' movie that felt so much like a 'Star Wars' movie that when I saw that, I said, 'If they ever do a new "Star Wars," he should make it.' Now he's making it!"

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