Enough Talk, Let's Make A Boba Fett Movie

Boba Fett

Probably for as long as he's been lingering in the background and making fanboys' imaginations run wild, Boba Fett has been the dream character for a spin-off in the "Star Wars" universe. One of the people credited with creating him, "Captain America" director Joe Johnston, has even mentioned on numerous occasions that he wants to make a Fett movie a reality.

Now that Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that standalone, character-based "Star Wars" movies are in development alongside the new episodic installments, Fett comes to mind as the most obvious choice for Lucasfilm. He' s an outrageously popular character, small enough to focus a new film on and with enough mystery to not interfere with the main saga. Maybe that's why, as Entertainment Weekly is currently reporting, there's word of a Boba Fett movie in development.

How do you do it? Let me tell you.

When do you set it?

Off the bat, the opening shot is not Fett crawling out of the sarlacc pit, like he did in the Expanded Universe. You're going to have to live with the fact that he dies like a total chump. If Fett is this badass bounty hunter like the original trilogy claims he is, show us how he went from a pissed off clone child to becoming someone in the galaxy worth fearing. As far as the movies are concerned, we still have no idea how he got from A to B, and there's a lot of room to explore that time period.

What should the tone be?

Fett, by design, is the Clint Eastwood of the "Star Wars" universe, the silent gun for hire with a poncho/cape thrown over his shoulder, and that's why you have to keep him quiet. Since we've already heard talk of "Seven Samurai" being ported to the "Star Wars" universe by Zack Snyder, you could easily do the same with Boba Fett and another Kurosawa movie, "Yojimbo," which was the source material for "Fistful of Dollars," which starred Clint Eastwood, who was in "Bridges of Madison County" with Meryl Streep," who was in "The River Wild" with Kevin Bacon. I think I lost my train of thought.

What about the mask?

It stays on. No matter what, that mask has to stay on. Lucas backed himself in a corner by making Fett a clone in "Episode II" and in directly revealing Boba Fett's face to look like this.

So unless you want a movie led by Temuera Morrison, the mask has to stay on.

Who does the voice?

Here's the great part. Almost anyone can do the voice. Lucas already cast aside Jeremy Bulloch by replacing his original Fett vocal work with Morrison's voice, so why not just recast again? Name any gravelly voiced actor, and you got yourself a Boba Fett. The mask will do the rest.

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