'Warm Bodies' Set Visit: Getting Zombified, Hollywood Style

MTV News headed to Montreal, Canada to not only visit the zombie apocalypse but participate in it. Christina Garibaldi took a trip to the set of "Warm Bodies," the undead romance set to rekindle audiences' hearts this weekend.

On the set, Garibaldi even got to go full zombie, donning some ragged clothes and undead makeup to fit the part. Then to make for a more convincing member of the horde, she got some helpful advice from star Nicholas Hoult.

"The thing we are trying to stay clear of is overdoing it," Hoult said. "It's just like your body's real tired and heavy, just kind of slump around, you know, on your way back to the club, and your momentum is more carrying you than anything else."

Check out the video from the set visit above!