Let's Predict The Super Bowl Movie Ads!

Iron Man 3

Super Bowl XLVII, we're told, is an upcoming sports game that lots of people are looking forward to, and while we're just as excited about this Sunday, our anticipation lies between the whistles, during the commercial breaks.

The major studios have shelled out $4 million per 30-second spot, so they'll be doing their best to make their line-up of movies look as thrilling as possible.

We've broken down what will premiere during the game below and put down our predictions for what we'll see and what we hope to see.

"Oz The Great and Powerful"

What We'll Probably See: If the previous teasers for Sam Raimi's journey to Oz tell us anything, it's that we'll definitely see a super sad monkey played by Zack Braff.

What We Hope to See: Zack Braff the super sad monkey!

"Iron Man 3"

What We'll Probably See: Sadly, we'll probably see the first trailer recut with an alternate angle on Tony Stark's house exploding.

What We Hope to See: The "Avengers" Super Bowl spot was the one that convinced people it was a movie everyone had to see. Let's do that again, but with Iron Man smoking people solo.

"The Lone Ranger"

What We'll Probably See: The spot will be filled with more western action pushed through a CGI filter and lots of Johnny Depp.

What We Hope to See: Disney finally admits that this movie is really all about Johnny Depp, and Armie Hammer only appears at the very end of the spot to introduce himself and say the title.

"The Fast and the Furious 6"

What We'll Probably See: VROOOMMMMM, VROOMMMMMM, *bass drops*, VROOOMMMM

What We Hope to See: We've been jonesing for some Gina Carano action since last January, so let's pray for a juicy preview of her "Haywire" follow-up.

"Star Trek Into Darkness"

What We'll Probably See: More badass sci-fi action without revealing parts of the movie that will ultimately make the film more enjoyable to watch the first time.

What We Hope to See: Benedict Cumberbatch turns to face the camera. "Hi, my name is Benedict Cumberbatch, and I play Khan in 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' While my character's true identity will remain a secret until the second act, I'd like to take the time to remind you that it's only a small detail in a rather large film, so instead of obsessing over my character's name, just look forward to a fun time at the theater. Thank you."

"World War Z"

What We'll Probably See: The first trailer for Brad Pitt's upcoming zombie actioner tried hard to leave out the "zombie" part, so expect more of the same.

What We Hope to See: Where was Matthew Fox in that preview? Jack Shepard deserves better than "Alex Cross."


What We'll Probably See: Not sure.

What We Hope to See: Something that explains what "Snitch" is.