Is Bill Clinton Joining The Team For 'Expendables 3'?

Clinton Expendables

As the "Expendables" franchise continues to add action icons to its line-up, the question of who will join next becomes more and more intriguing. There have been some rumors floating around about who could join "Expendables 3" and Jackie Chan supposedly wants in, but MTV News felt the need to set the record straight about who's in and who's out. So we went to leader of the gang, Sylvester Stallone at the red carpet premiere of his newest film "Bullet to the Head," to get the definitive word.

His answer was surprising to say the least.

"Maybe President Clinton wants to be in it," Stallone said before walking away. "You think I'm joking, right?"

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Could President Clinton really make an appearance in an "Expendables" movie? The series, afterall, is built on the premise of bringing together the heroes of the 80s and 90s onto the big screen, but we haven't seen anyone quite like Bill Clinton make a cameo yet. (Though, Schwarzenegger was governor of California when he filmed his part for the first movie.)

Stallone being Stallone, he wanted to leave us with that presidential-sized tease, but he did give a brief update on changes to the team for the third go around. "There's going to be a lot of new blood in that," he said. "I just have to kill off some of the others guys to make some room."

But what about all the talk of Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, and Nicolas Cage? "We're going to reach out to all of them for sure."