'Entourage' Movie: 5 Celebrities Who Should Reprise Their Roles

The boys of summer will be back! After an eight-season run and years of speculation, Warner Bros. has finally green-lit a movie version of HBO's "Entourage," written and directed by Doug Ellin, who executive produced the series alongside Mark Wahlberg.

Running from 2004-2011, "Entourage" chronicled the exploits of rising star Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) and the childhood friends who rode his coattails to moderate success. The finale saw Vince flying off to Paris to marry Vanity Fair writer Sophia (Alice Eve), Ari (Jeremy Piven) quitting the agency to save his marriage, and Eric (Kevin Connolly) reconciling with lady love (and baby mama) Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

While Deadline reports that deals are currently being made to bring back Grenier, Connolly, Piven, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara, we're hoping producers put in calls to a few other familiar faces, namely, the celebrities whose cameos lent an air of authenticity to the lavish lifestyles portrayed week after week. From Andrew Dice Clay to Zac Efron, the series lured in a diverse group of bold-faced names willing to mock the industry (and themselves), to often hilarious effect.

So, without further ado, here are the guest stars we hope reprise their roles:

Seth Green

If you ask us, some of Seth Green's finest work was as Eric's arch-nemesis Seth Green, who constantly taunted Eric with his supposed sexual history with Sloan. Though E got the girl in the end, we have a feeling that won't stop Green from antagonizing him any chance he gets. In fact, it might make him even more Green with envy. (Get it? Heh.)

Leighton Meester

Though Vince is supposedly settled with Sophia, that doesn't mean he won't have to face the consequences of his years bedding Hollywood's hottest babes, including the once very-virginal pop star Justine Chapin. Justine told Vince if they ever did the deed, she'd want to date him, and it seemed like they did just that during the fifth-season episode "Unlike a Virgin." We wouldn't be surprised if Justine returns to make good on her promise.

Gary Busey

Just ask Jennifer Garner: Any situation is infinitely more interesting with a bit of Busey. The eccentric actor made several memorable appearances on the series and has gone on to make something of a cottage industry for himself offering up weird witticisms. (Just Google "Gary Busey advice.") Obviously, there is no problem too big that Gary Busey can't solve.

Val Kilmer

The one-time Batman was nearly unrecognizable as philosopher/pot dealer The Sherpa. If Gary Busey can't solve the boys' issues, we bet one counseling session with the grungy sage will do the trick. (Or, at the very least, leave them too high to remember they even had a problem.)

Mark Wahlberg

Executive producer and inspiration for the character of Vince, Wahlberg was one of the first stars to cameo on the series (in the pilot episode, to be exact), when he and his own entourage passed the boys on the street. It seemed curious, then, that Wahlberg didn't bring it full circle by appearing in the finale. Here's his opportunity to make good.

Who would you like to see back on "Entourage"?