Rupert Grint Enlists For ‘Into The White’ Trailer

By Tara Fowler

Daniel Radcliffe made a splash at Sundance this past month with the Allen Ginsberg biopic “Kill Your Darlings,” and Emma Watson earned rave reviews for September’s “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” playing the flirtatious Sam, a character who is pretty much as anti-Hermione as they come.

But what about the third member of the Harry Potter trio, Rupert Grint? Is he ready to leave one Ronald Bilius Weasley behind as well? Sure looks like it, if the trailer for his new movie “Into the White” is anything to go by.

Previously known as “Comrade,” the WWII actioner centers on a group of British and German soldiers, who are forced to band together for survival after being shot down in the bitter winter wilderness of Norway. The movie, which was first released abroad last March, is based on the true story of real pilots who eventually became lifelong friends.

Hmm… An unlikely friendship, the fight for survival, and gorgeous snow scenes? Maybe it’s not so different from Harry Potter after all! Check out the trailer for Into the White after the jump!

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