Start Getting Excited For ‘Trance’ From Danny Boyle And James McAvoy

For his follow-up to “127 Hours,” Danny Boyle is returning to his roots with a brand new off-kilter crime drama, except this time his Ewan McGregor is actually James McAvoy. (Which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it.)

Trance” tells the story of an art auctioneer (McAvoy) who plans on stealing one of the expensive items on the block with the help of some dangerous men. When the theft goes wrong and McAvoy’s character ends up with a bump on the head, a hypnotist attempts to extract the location of the hidden painting.

An overseas release, complete with UK trailer, has been planned for some time, but yesterday Fox Searchlight announced an April 5 US premiere date for “Trance,” so we’ll get to join in on the fun soon enough.

Until then check out the international trailer, US poster, and plot synopsis below!

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