Things Got Weird For Daniel Radcliffe In 'Horns'

In Daniel Radcliffe's post-Potter career of interesting role choices, "Horns" stands out particularly as the most bizarre. Your average movie tends not to include a main character who spouts horns after his girlfriend's mysterious death, and when we spoke with Radcliffe at Sundance, he wasn't after to admit his own confusion when it comes to the Alexandre Aja film.

"A few weeks after we finished I woke up one morning thinking, 'What was that? What was that film I just did?'" Radcliffe said. "It's so crazy. I feel like I have less concept of what it's going to be now than when I first started, which is bizarre, but it's very exciting."

But is "Horns" really that? From how Radcliffe describes, his new head ornaments are just the start of the craziness. "I got to have burn make-up on, and then I got to come out of the Pacific Ocean after having been burned alive and drowned—and I survived that," he said, "because I'm a boss."

How right you are, Dan Rad!

"Horns" is expected to hit sometime this year.