'Evil Dead' Remake Originally Earned An NC-17 Rating

Well, you can't say Bruce Campbell didn't warn you. Back at New York Comic-Con, the man formerly known as Ash told MTV News that Fede Alvarez's upcoming remake of "Evil Dead" would have "rating problems out the butt," a notion that likely caused fans of the original equal amounts of hope and dread.

Taking that into consideration, it should not have come as a surprise when Alvarez tweeted in response to a question about the "Evil Dead" rating that the original cut of the film earned an NC-17 classification from the MPAA.

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Ever since the shockingly gruesome red band trailer dropped shortly after NYCC, the threat of an NC-17 rating seemed perfectly legitimate, but that cut would never make it into theaters. (This is a major studio production, after all.) So while we'll have to settle for a tamer version of "Evil Dead" when it hits theaters in April, rest assured that the uncut version will probably make it onto a Blu-ray release at some point.

If you remain unconvinced that an R-rated "Evil Dead" will be gruesome enough, here's the red band trailer.

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