Channing Tatum In 'Side Effects' Clip Should Take Caution

Hey, Channing. You might want to be careful. We've seen the previews for "Side Effects," the upcoming movie from director Steven Soderbergh, and the new clip from the movie, exclusively on MTV News, and Rooney Mara is acting strangely. It's almost as if she's up to something.

Well, we warned him.

Anyway, as we just explained to Channing Tatum, that's an exclusive clip from "Side Effects" up above, and we're pretty excited about it. It comes from Soderburgh and Scott Z. Burns, who last teamed up on the underrated "Contagion."

In the clip, Tatum wakes up to loud music and Mara's character running around the house, preparing for a guest he doesn't know about and probably doesn't exist. Creepy.

"Side Effects" opens in theaters on February 8.