'Upside Down' Trailer: Weirdly Awesome Or Awesomely Weird?

Upside Down

We're still trying to figure out what to make of "Upside Down." The film comes from Argentinian director Juan Diego Solanas, stars Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess, and seems to have a visual premise that would put visionary directors like Christopher Nolan or the Wachowskis to shame. But is it too much to handle? That's still left to be determined.

The movie, which Solanas also wrote, tells the story of two twin planets that have polar gravity and hang opposite one another. Judging by this trailer, the planets come so close at points that people can interact between them—though, unfortunately, that's forbidden. "Upside Down" follows a love story between Dunst and Sturgess' characters, who come from different planets. The visual effects look stunning and the premise is intriguing, but with a style and story this risky, "Upside Down" could be only a step away from being a complete disaster.

Fortunately the trailer is a great selling point for the movie. It's coming out in limited release on March 15, but has already hit theaters in markets in Europe and Asia. The reception there has been mild, which could explain why it's taken so long to come out here.

Whether it's awesome or a total failure, we have to give Solanas props for trying. We've never seen a movie that looks quite like "Upside Down" does, and that's something worth celebrating. In a world where most action movies and romances look the exact same, isn't it nice to have something new?

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