Joaquin Phoenix Is Your New Robert Downey Jr. In Casting Call


By Hannah Soo Park

Joaquin Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson might be the next big actor-director duo, Kate Winslet is eyeing Vernoica Roth's "Divergent," Reese Witherspoon might be lining up a Sudan drama, and Chris Hemsworth could be headed to the seas—all in today's casting call!

Joaquin Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson Together Again?

Following their work together on "The Master," Joaquin Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson are looking to team up again for the director's film adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's "Inherent Vice." The Hollywood Reporter says that the actor is reportedly in negotiations to star as a private "pot-smoking detective" following a kidnapping case in Los Angeles during the late '60s and early '70s. According to previous rumors, Robert Downey Jr. had once been rumored offered the leading role, but ultimately turned it down.

Kate Winslet Shows Interest In YA Territory

Variety has the news that Kate Winslet could be dipping her toes in potential franchise material for the first time, now that she's rumored to be joining "Divergent." The movie, based on the YA novel by Veronica Roth and directed by Neil Burger, takes place in Chicago during the dystopian future where citizens, at the age of 16, must choose an ideological "faction" to permanently identify with. Winslet's role hasn't been fleshed out, but she'd be joining Shailene Woodley, who's already been cast as the lead. "Divergent" will play in theaters on March 21, 2014.

Reese Witherspoon In Talks To Tell 'The Good Lie'

Reese Witherspoon might be joining Philippe Falardeau's "The Good Lie." Written by "Boardwalk Empire" writer Margaret Nagle, the based-on-a-true-story film follows a "young refugee of the Sudanese Civil War" who wins a lottery that allows him to move to the U.S. with three other boys. Witherspoon would presumably play the "brash" American woman who's assigned to help the group.

Chris Hemsworth Might Star In Another Ron Howard Film

Ahoy! Ron Howard already has plenty on movies on his plate right now, but now, the uber-busy director has his sights set on making Nathaniel Philbrick's "In the Heart of the Sea," with Chris Hemsworth as his lead. Hemsworth, who worked with Howard on "Rush," would play a sea captain whose experiences on the waters are said to have inspired Herman Melville's "Moby Dick." So there you have it—another potential swashbuckling role for the "Thor" actor's resume.