Brad Bird And Damon Lindelof's '1952' Mystery Box Sparks Theories


By Hannah Soo Park

Well, well, what could we possibly have here? It seems that the mystery that is Brad Bird's "1952" is finally beginning to unravel, all thanks to a tweeted photo of a simple box.

It began when Damon Lindelof took to his Twitter account to offer up a glimpse at a banker's box labeled "1952." Shortly after, Bird followed up with an image of the same box opened to reveal what looks to be memorabilia. The whole social media exchange was quite the tease, since Internet rumors have it that once upon a time, Lindelof discovered a box (also labeled "1952") at Disney, and whipped up a script idea based on what he found inside.

Whether or not the tale regarding the whole discovery is actually true, Ain't It Cool News dug a little deeper to piece together a potential premise for the elusive film based on the pictured clues, which seem to be a mix of worn black-and-white photographs (of Walt Disney?), tapes, letters and documents, and more. Their most interesting point, however, is the potential significance behind the copy of Amazing Stories buried beneath the aforementioned photos—the 1928 issue marked the debut of the radioactive space hero Buck Rogers, who's featured on the cover.

Although, AICN hasn't been able to find "a direct connection" between Disney and the comic book, it's speculated that the movie could be about the 1955 founding of Disneyland or even the creation of Buck Rogers. The idea of a full-on Disney biopic has been deemed as highly unlikely, however, since the studio has already bought the rights to "Saving Mr. Banks," which will feature Tom Hanks as the company's founder.

So that kicks off the real guessing game—and now we have two more years to keep playing.

George Clooney is still attached to star in 1952," slated to play in theaters on December 19, 2014.