Bill Hader Won't Run In Slo-Mo For 'Baywatch' Movie

Bill Hader

UPDATE: Hader's reps have denied the casting. Stay tuned for more updates.

How do you get us way more interested in your television remake than we were when were originally heard about it? You cast Bill Hader in a role previously played by David Hasselhoff.

Okay, let's back up for a second.

A "Baywatch" remake has been in the works for a while from the guys behind "Reno 911." Sounds like a perfect fit, right? Well, there had been some talk that Justin Timberlake would take over as Mitch Buchannon, Hasselhoff's role, a move that didn't exactly thrill us.

But now, according to The Wrap, director Robert Ben Garant has announced that Hader will be in the lead. The "SNL" standout has long been stealing scenes from stars, so we're thrilled to see him finally get hit shot at leading a movie.

"Baywatch" is expected to start filming this April, and from what we've been previously told, Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson will cameo in the adaptation.

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