'Evil Dead' Green Band Trailer: Less Vomit, Still Gross

Evil Dead

By Hannah Soo Park

There's no denying that the red-band trailer for Fede Alverez's "Evil Dead" reboot was really, really gross. Like the actual vomit-inducing kind of gross. And while fans of the original Sam Raimi trilogy were rejoicing at the horrific spectacle of it all, it the rest of us were struggling to, well, stay tuned.

So thankfully, to tone down the shock (and spoiler-y) factor, the studio has just released a friendlier, green band trailer. It plays out with the same storyline of a group of doomed campers in a remote cabin in the woods, but does so without all of the disturbing (and generally puke-y) imagery. Phew!

But just because you won't see that terrifying tongue sequence, the green label doesn't mean you won't feel inclined to jump out of your seat. A little warning of what to expect before you think your eyes are completely safe: The preview still includes a few freaky moments, including the creepy possessed trees and, of course, a lurking Mia (Jane Levy)—or what's left of her—singing to her next potential victim.

Key players from the cult franchise, including former director Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell (who starred in the 1981 version) and Robert Tapert, all sat as producers for the film. "Evil Dead" also stars Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore and Jessica Lucas, and will open in theaters on April 12.