Sundance: The 11 Most WTF Photos Of All Time

By Joel Hanek

Over the past few decades Sundance has expanded beyond a cozy little film festival to become one of the biggest parties of the year. Celebs! Music! Parties! Everyone from earnest artists to drink-toting socialites flock to Park City, Utah to take in all that Sundance has to offer.

With that rich history in mind, we social-archeologists dug back into the Sundance scene to find out what our favorite celebrities were doing way back when. Here is our collection of recently unearthed WTF moments — blame it on the booze or blame it on the early 2000’ decide.

Before he became the full on rage monster you see today, even the Hulk had his angsty phase. (2002)

Here’s Golden Globe-winning director Ben Affleck enjoying the festivities — totes sober. (2002)

In retrospect, Ben Affleck’s retro-transformation for "Argo" is a little more fashionable than his sixth N'Sync member look. But to be fair, who didn't want to be in N'Sync? (2000)

Speaking of N'Sync, Sundance was the location for the much forgotten scarf-assassination attempt on Lance Bass. (2002)

Someone please tell this girl that Sundance is in the middle of winter in Utah – and everybody knows tiger stripes don't provide warmth unless you fully button-up. (2001)

Paris, keep trying – but points for originality on trying out a shoe-scarf. (2001)

Scanning the room at an industry party - look, it's Jake Gyllenhaal playing PlayStation! Tip: "Crash Bandicoot" is a great Gyllenhaal icebreaker. (2001)

Judging by her face, I can only imagine the wrath Courtney brought down on the person who convinced her to try snowboarding. (2001)

Winnie from "The Wonder Years" finally did find true love – however, I suspect that bear is a slut. (2002)

There are so many emotions associated with this photo – mostly fear. Those snow cones look to be made from blood – but congrats on "Jawbreaker"! (1999)

And finally, Kyle MacLachlan proves he was born to play the Mayor on "Portlandia." (2002)