Mark Wahlberg Busted Up NYC During 'Broken City' Shoot


It's not rare for an actor, especially one known for his intensity like Mark Wahlberg, to get a little out of control when trying to channel a character. But during the filming of his latest film, "Broken City," a simple walk down a New York City street resulted in the NYPD getting involved and Wahlberg apologizing to Mayor Bloomberg.

When MTV News' Rob Markman spoke with Allen Hughes, the "Broken City" director recounted the incident and Wahlberg's dedication to the scene. "We had like two hours and Mark went nuts and tore down the whole East Village," he said.

Wahlberg improvised during what was supposed to be a scene of him walking home, but things escalated pretty quickly. "Eventually he tried to get in a few cars that were coming by and he opened the door to get in the car and that's when the cops were like, 'You know what, we're pulling your permit. We're shutting you down. This King Kong sh-- is over. It's a wrap.' "

Head over to MTV News to read the entire interview with Allen Hughes.