'Gremlins' Reboot Potentially In The Works


Everything old becomes new again, and website Vulture is reporting that a reboot of Joe Dante's beloved 1980's horror comedy "Gremlins" is potentially in the works. It's time to start memorizing those three very important rules: no water, no bright lights, and don't feed your Mogwai after midnight.

Apparently Warner Bros. Pictures is chatting with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment about the possibility of bringing "Gremlins" back to the big screen. The film centered on a teen boy who receives an exotic pet for Christmas, but things spiral out of control when he breaks the rules, and the cute creature breeds destructive gremlins. Rumors of a reboot have popped up before, and according to Vulture, Spielberg's participation is financially crucial. Sources indicate a deal might actually happen this time, but mark this one as a rumor for now.

Until then, we have so many questions! One of the most memorable aspects of "Gremlins" was the old school special effects and use of puppets. Will a CG "Gremlins" be in our future, and will it be as creepy? Will Blender Gremlin and Microwave Gremlin make a comeback? The film also underwent a massive merchandising promotion, which means some of us may finally get to know what Gremlins Cereal tasted like. Hopefully it doesn't taste like Gremlins.