MTV Movie Brawl: Round One Upsets In The Works

The second round of voting for the epicly epic MTV Movie Brawl 2013 is nearly over. With a little more than 24 hours left before polls close, now is the time to get clicking and make sure that your most anticipated movie of the year makes it to the Elite 8.

But there are three major unsets in the works right now. We've broken down the current status of these races to let you know which films need your help the most.

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"One Direction Documentary" Losing to "Spring Breakers"

Seriously, Directioners? Your concert movie is about to lose to a Harmony Korine movie. What does that even mean? Now is the time to show the Selenators who the real fans are.

"Wolverine" Tailing "The Hobbit"

After whatever the hell "X-Men Origins" was, you'd think people would be more excited about a new Wolverine movie that promises a darker take on the ever-popular Marvel hero, directed by a serious filmmaker. Sure, "The Hobbit" is popular, but come on, guys!

"Man of Steel" Falls to "Thor 2"?

We're not taking sides here, but who had the better trailer of the two? You guy our point? If you're one of the few remaining Team DC members out there, you owe it to Supes, Bats, and the whole gang to give the boy from Krypton a shot.

Make sure to head over to the bracket to cast your vote in MTV Movie Brawl 2013 before the polls close tomorrow night!