What Do The Globes Mean For The Oscars?



The Globes have always been touted—perhaps at best—as a decent predictor of what is to come a few week afterward at the much more important Academy Awards, but what do Sunday night's events tell us about what's going to go down at the end of February?

Joe Reid, the Oscars writer for Film.com, has compiled a list of what he believes to be the biggest takeaways from the Golden Globes.

Perhaps the biggest hint about what could happen at the Oscars came from the wins by "Django Unchained" for Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay. The acting category was largely up in the air until Christoph Waltz claimed his second trophy for playing a verbose Tarantino character. The film was rather late to the awards party, but a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards, in addition to the Globes wins, could signal a changing of the winds for the slave Western.

Head over to Film.com for the complete rundown on the Globes!

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