'Jurassic Park 4': The Series' Unanswered Questions


We have known that "Jurassic Park 4" was on its way (or at least a script for it), but thanks to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, we know when it's expected to arrive.

"Jurassic Park 4" may be without a director, but it's currently rocking a June 2014 release date. So what can expect from a new entry? We rounded up a few unanswered questions from the previous films to look for material to mine.

And we found gold!

The True Story of Mr. DNA

He was the animated strand of genetic material with a Southern twang that became an internet sensation. Mr. DNA had the thankless job of explaining the entire "Jurassic Park" set-up to the audience, but he never got to finish his job. What was discussed in the rest of the video, the part Alan and Ellie missed by hopping off the ride early? Maybe he would have explained what to do if Newman shuts off the power and the dinosaurs escape. We'll never know. Or will we?

Why Is Anyone Holding Onto Any Butts?

Ray Arnold, one of the park's central figures, played by Samuel L. Jackson, suggests that everyone "hold onto your butts" as he attempts to fix Jurassic Park. But what did Ray think was going to happen to everyone's butt? What in his past made him fearful that the butts would need to be held onto?

The Story of the Goat

The character we learn the least about in "Jurassic Park" has to be Billy—all goats are named that—the unfortunate animal sacrificed to the tyrannosaurus rex just to please some theme park guests. Who was Billy? How did he find himself meeting such a gruesome end? This prequel would explore the goat before the fall.

San Diego: After the Dino

You can't unleash a t-rex in San Diego and just expect the audience to accept that life goes back to normal afterwards. What happened to San Diego as a whole after the Godzilla-like attack? Who cleaned up all of the damage? What about the court cases for damages to repay the victims of getting eaten by a t-rex? There are so many unanswered questions here.

Jurassic Park: The Ride: The Sequel

Speaking of law suits, what ever happened to the passengers in the empty boats on the "Jurassic Park" Universal Studios ride? The attraction treats the accidental course change as just that, but there is clear evidence that this has happened before. How were those incidents kept quiet? There's a sinister story there.

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