Jason Statham Tells Jennifer Lopez To Strip In Exclusive 'Parker' Clip

Jason Statham sure knows how to start a relationship out on the right foot. In an exclusive new clip from his upcoming movie "Parker," Statham tests whether he can trust Jennifer Lopez the only way he knows how: By telling her to strip.

Of course, he has a valid reason for asking her to take off her clothes: He wants to see if she has a wire on her. Still, the demand doesn't seem to go over too well judging by the expression on J.Lo's face.

"People in Palm Beach are sharp, very sharp, and people like you only come down here for one reason: Money," Lopez's character said in the clip. "I don't know what you're into -- kidnapping, extortion, robbery -- but whatever it is, you're going to need somebody who knows the territory or you're gonna get caught."

This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. "Parker" opens on January 25. Directed by Academy Award winner Taylor Hackford, the film is an adaptation of Donald E. Westlake's series of novels.

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