What Other Period Genres Should Ryan Gosling Visit?

Gangster Squad

By Hannah Soo Park

Shoot-em-up flick "Gangster Squad," which hits theaters today, is mostly (at least visually) associated with its 1940s backdrop. And one of its stars, Ryan Gosling, is not a stranger to visiting the past—jumping from decade to decade, Gosling has played characters living in nearly every decade within the past century—except not quite so. Here are a few genre suggestions we think Mr. Gosling should tackle next in his next period film.

'40s Film Noir

Ryan Gosling in black and white? Ryan Gosling standing in dark shadows? Ryan Gosling disarming us with snappy film noir dialogue? We'll take it!

'50s Melodrama

Even though Gosling blew us away as the mysterious figure behind the wheel in "Drive" and managed to make us really depressed as one part of the troubled marriage in "Blue Valentine," we'd like to think his star power is actually rooted in melodrama. Sure, "The Notebook" may have been cheesy and totally predictable, but let's face it—you, me, and everyone we know, we were all charmed when Gosling dangled from a ferris wheel to win Rachel McAdams' heart. And really, that's when we all began to say, "Because he's Ryan Gosling." Bring it back, Ryan.

'60s Romantic Comedy Musical

Gosling got the girl, again, in "Crazy, Stupid, Love." And since he's been there and done that plenty of times already, why not do it again with a little song and dance mixed in? Plus, we know he can sing (Dead Man's Bone, his indie rock band, hasn't called it quits yet) and bust a move. See extra proof here: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJQvXCoNDzM).

'70s Sci-Fi Flick

Since we're taking into account that Gosling already visited one of the most gaudy periods of time to play a creepy potentially-murderous type in "All Good Things," all we're left to wonder is what would happen if he went back for seconds, this time to dip his hand in the science fiction jar. Take from this what you will. Hmm…yeah, this one might be a long shot.

'80s Crime Heist Thriller

Every leading man should have his moment of playing a suave, high-class burglar. And Gosling has been knee-deep in emotionally taxing, heavy roles lately, so why not kick back with an "Ocean's Eleven"-type gig? But this one would be set in the eighties, because, really, we want to test the waters to see if Gosling can still hold up his sex appeal in terribly tacky outfits and terribly tacky hair (Think: "Miami Vice").

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