This Is The Entirety Of 'Moonrise Kingdom' In One Picture

moviebarcode is our new favorite Tumblr because it takes whole movies, compresses their frames to thin lines, and makes awesome composites.

Also, Arnold does the voice for Vader, and the results are magic in today's Dailies!

» Watch a condensed version of Halle Berry's upcoming thriller "The Call" that disguises itself as a trailer. (Seriously, it's the entire movie.) [Yahoo! Movies]

» An interesting read about Shane Carruth and "Upstream Color," plus a new trailer! [LA Times]

» A trailer for what may be the greatest movie ever. "The Power of Few" tells the story of a homeless Christopher Walken and an attempt to clone Jesus. YES. [/Film]

» Arnold Schwarzenegger voicing Darth Vader gives us a perfect vision for "Episode VII." [io9]

» Just read this. [NOW!]

» The entirety of "Moonrise Kingdom" and other films, compressed into one image. [moviebarcode]

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